Saturday, April 24, 2010

One Man's Annoying/Aggravating/Interesting Access Picture of the Week

This week's pic comes via one of my regular readers. Incidentally, if anyone sees relatable access pics like the ones that I've been posting and wants to share them please feel free to pass them along to me and I will gladly use them. Send them to, I've been wanting to add an "email me" function gadget to my links list but haven't found a blog widget that I like yet.

As for the picture, as you can see the accessible parking spot is located on the far right side of the front of the building. The problem is that it is also located at the end of the sidewalk where it is curbed. Additionally, anyone stepping, or rolling in my case, out of the passenger side of their vehicle lands them in a large mud puddle. Wheelchair users would then have to roll to the other end of the parking lot where the sidewalk is flush in order to enter the building.

The simple solution to make things much more accessible in this case is to flip flop the parking spot to the opposite side on the left of the building where the sidewalk is flush to the parking lot. Of course, this business might have already taken that into account except a) those front left windows prevented installing the handicapped parking sign on the wall like it is on the right and/or b) they didn't want to spend the extra money necessary to install a signpost in the ground near the sidewalk on the left side. Unfortunately, sometimes inaccessibility sprouts that easily.

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