Friday, August 31, 2012

New EasyStand Blog post: Gaining a Numb Perspective on Disability Issues

My new EasyStand Blog post discusses how as the years have passed since my SCI my perspective on crappy disability issues like parking and inaccessibility has numbed. So please check out “Gaining a Numb Perspective on Disability Issues.”

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Recent Nomination

It's worth mentioning that I was recently nominated for the Judd Jacobson Award, which recognizes a business endeavor by someone with a disability, for my work founding the Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Association (MNSCIA). I made the top 4 but not the final 3 that go before the selection committee because the true spirit of the award is to recognize an individual's for-profit efforts, whereas I represent an organization that is nonprofit. I'm quite disappointed but I understand the criteria. It was an honor just to get nominated and cool to make it as far as I did. My thanks to my friend, and fellow founder and board member of the MNSCIA, Kurt for writing a great nomination on my behalf. Had I won I would have received a plaque at a special ceremony and $5,000 to go towards the continued development of our nonprofit. It’s money that we desperately need, but we soldier on nonetheless.

What made my nomination even more meaningful and fitting was that I was nominated on July 12, which as readers of this blog know is the anniversary of my paralyzing diving accident. In past years I have reposted my blog post about my first-hand account of my accident, which was just my second post on this blog back in 2009, but this year it slipped my mind on account of a very busy and stressful week of work. So I will belatedly repost Part I and Part II now.

Related to all of this it is also fitting that as of July 12, 2012 you can visit, the website of the MNSCIA. That is the circle of life, folks—minus me holding up a lion cub for effect. Donations can be made on the website, we appreciate any amount if readers are feeling generous and interested in helping out. See the link above to “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter here.