Sunday, May 18, 2014

New EasyStand Blog post: Triple Feature Update

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record for starting this post in a similar way that I started a post on this blog last July, but I couldn’t believe that just like that almost 4 months have gone by between posts on this blog. Time sure flies. Once upon a time I was a pretty prolific writer on this blog, but the difference between then and now is that I was mostly unemployed during this blog’s first handful of years, and seemingly had endless time to develop content. But over the past year I’ve, finally, had consistent and stable full-time employment. Throw in the fact that I switched my every other day long morning personal care routine to the evenings to accommodate the stricter 8:30-5 nature of my work schedule—which essentially cuts out hours of my after work free time every other night—that work has been busy, my nonprofit has been demanding much more of my time (which is great, honestly), and that I’m spending a lot of spare time on maintaining a relationship, my writing time has suffered considerably.

So therefore, I’m doing a triple feature update on my last three EasyStand Blog posts, which is only the writing I’ve had time to do lately:

1) “Humor: The Key to a Successful PCA Relationship”: In this post I broke down the importance that humor plays in working with my PCAs.

2) “Battling Handicapped Parking Abuse”: In this post I wrote about one of the many instances of rampant handicapped parking abuse that I’ve witnessed first hand and offered up some suggestions about how we could battle back.

3) “Winter Parking and Bonus Accommodations”: This one is bittersweet. This is a post about how nice it is when people offer me a nice accessibility accommodation before I ask for one (i.e. a bonus accommodation). When I submitted my final draft to the blog it was just a shade over 1000 words and offered up a lot of background and context that lead up to my discussion about the bonus accommodation. But between posting my final draft and it going live on the site the title got changed, 400 words were cut, and a few other sentences were changed to phrase things in ways that I wouldn’t. To say that I was frustrated would be a huge understatement. We had a back and forth and I don’t agree with their reasoning for making such significant edits. But in the end, 60% of the post that went live on the site is still over 90% mine, so I’m not going to be a pouty pants and not share it.

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