Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday (Bunny) Link

Tomorrow my nephew and niece celebrate their third and second birthdays, respectively (they were born exactly one year apart). Therefore, I thought that it was somewhat fitting to post a link to a cute story I discovered via the Reeve Foundation blog, about a paralyzed bunny that helps children overcome their own disabilities. In short, Alyna the bunny was born with paralyzed hind legs but can still move around with the help of a mobility brace. Thus, she aids in improving the rehab process of children, especially those who need a device to assist their mobility, and encourages them and makes it socially acceptable for them. You can read all about Alyna the bunny rabbit here.

As for the layout change, Blogger recently came out with a whole new arsenal of layouts with much more options than the limited cookie cutter choices I had access to when I started this thing. I found this one and liked it better than what I had before. With red being my favorite color, and being a diehard Wisconsin Badger fan this fits my personality better. Plus I find the black background and white text easier on the eyes to read than black text on a lot of white background like it was before. All that being said, I do welcome comments if people find it too bright or "busy." I don't want people struggling to read my posts, even if I do find it more aesthetically pleasing.


  1. It looks 3d, but I like it.


  2. The new layout is great.

    Nine times out of ten, multiple browser windows overwhelm my desktop when I try to close out of your blog. Have any other followers experienced a similar issue?


  3. Thanks to you both about the layout.

    M, not entirely sure what you're referring to, but no I haven't gotten any feedback about problems occurring when closing out my blog.