Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Pics

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of my fellow Irish peeps! In honor of our annual day of celebration I thought that I would post a few interesting St. Paddy's related access pics. I was downtown Minneapolis yesterday for some disability law appeal work training and I discovered a new Irish pub located across the street from parking lot that I used. Originally, I just snapped a pic of the building to send to my dad because being proud of his Irish roots he always gets fired up for St. Patrick's Day, and we've always talked about hitting up a Minneapolis/St. Paul Irish pub sometime. Then I noticed some porta potties outside on the pub's courtyard which made me smirk because extra toilet access is always a good idea for Irish pubs on St. Paddy's Day. But then I also noticed a separate, bigger porta potty on the other side which usually indicates that it's an accessible one. So I went to get a closer look and sure enough it was a wheelchair accessible porta john. I've seen them before and was always cynical about whether someone in a wheelchair would actually be able to use one. So being curious I peeked inside and it seemed like there would be plenty of room to both use the toilet and even turn your chair around to lock the door. If I had to go at the time I might have been tempted to give it a true test ride. But I just settled for a few up close and personal pics instead.

The more interesting experiment though would be to go down there tonight and see how many able-bodied folks used the accessible porta john instead of the other ones. From what I understand that was the subject of an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Again, Happy St. Patrick's Day friends. Have fun, be safe.


  1. What I cannot see from the picture is how large of a lip is on the bottom of the facility. Would a wheelchair have to gun it to get in or is it at the same level as the walk?

    I must have missed that CYE episode.


  2. There's just a small bump up into the porta potty. It's pretty flush. No problem getting in there with a wheelchair.