Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Man's Annoying/Aggravating/Interesting Access Picture of the Week

This week's pics come courtesy of another blog called BeehiveHairdresser. I've never visited their site before today but I saw a Twitter post linking to the "Wheelchair Ramp of Death" and, of course, got highly intrigued. The pictures show a blacktop ramp that makes a sidewalk accessible from the street. Curiously, the ramp is located about twenty feet from the street corner right in front of an on street parking spot. So the "of death" aspect refers to the fact that the bottom of the ramp leads a wheelchair user out into oncoming traffic. Their post dishes more on the details so I will defer to them at this point. For the record, on it's face their comment about the ramp of death "weeding out the population of persons in wheelchairs who are dimwitted" is offensive to many people in wheelchairs, but I myself took it for the sense of humor in which it was no doubt intended.

Check out the Wheelchair Ramp of Death here.


  1. At our local library, I recently noticed that the accessible parking marker is on the side of the lot without the ramp. Yes, you read that correctly; a curb needs to be jumped to access the library. I thought about sending the picture your way for the collection but let the librarian know instead. I haven’t been back to see if any changes have been made but doubt I would have put two and two together before reading your blog.


  2. That does sound ass backwards, yes. And you raise a point I didn't consider before this: yes I would welcome and include in this blog segment interesting pictures that my readers submit to me. I have enough in reserve to make a weekly A/A/I picture posting possible for a handful of months possibly but at some point my picture stash might run dry. So pass it along if there has not been a change at the library parking lot.

    And that's very cool that my little A/A/I picture segment that could made a small real world difference of awareness for you in that regard.