Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eric LeGrand Honored on SI Cover

Since last fall many of us in the spinal cord injury community have been following the recovery of Eric LeGrand, he being the subject of an ongoing highly publicized SCI story. Especially as it touches the sports world. As I briefly wrote in this post last year LeGrand is a former Rutgers defensive tackle who sustained a SCI making a special teams tackle and is now a quad. Since sustaining his SCI he continues to work hard in rehab, has gone back to school, does Rutgers football analyst work, and remains steadfastly confident that he will walk again someday. A few weeks ago it was reported the he can now sit up on his own for brief moments at a time.

In a touching moment before the Rutgers-West Virginia game on October 29th, LeGrand lead the team out of the tunnel and onto the field in the snow in what was his first time back on the field since sustaining his SCI. Last week a cool picture taken that day made the cover of Sports Illustrated’s pictures of the year issue. In fact, LeGrand leading the team onto the field was the primary subject of the issue’s cover story, which was voted as the fan’s choice for the best moment of 2011. It was one of those rare instances where sports and SCI converge. Good for him.


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