Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Free Rides Podcast Guest

Living this spinal cord injury quadriplegic disability lifestyle for almost fifteen years now I have met a lot of interesting people and have had a lot of unique experiences. Late last week was truly another disability related experience for the books because I was invited to be a featured guest on my new friend and fellow quad Tiffiny Carlson’s podcast No Free Rides, which is a fun and edgy podcast for people with disabilities. Tiff lives in Minneapolis and is a freelance writer and blogger who is featured on publications like New Mobility Magazine, NM’s new blog Spin 2.0, and a fellow guest blog post writer on the EasyStand Blog. All in all she’s been in the blogger game for over eight years now and has an innovative website of her own that covers a variety of disability topics called BeautyAbility.com.

Anyway, Tiff’s had some pretty big name folks in the disability world on her podcast so it was cool and flattering just to be asked. We had a great discussion that covered a myriad of topics such as coping with disability, my career and job search, me starting the Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Association, movies, dating, etc. It was fun talking shop with someone else with a wealth of SCI-disability experience. So big thanks again to Tiff for the invite! We’ve already kicked around the prospect of me becoming a regular guest, so that should be cool.

So check out my No Free Rides podcast with Tiff if you're down!

I should also add that the dating post that I reference a number of times throughout the podcast is my most recent EasyStand Blog guest post.

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