Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Seats, Except They're for Fans with Disabilities

By all accounts Target Field, new home of the Minnesota Twins, has been given high marks for accessibility. In fact, it's touted as the most accessible stadium in the country. I haven't checked it out myself yet but I plan to sometime this season.

But as is often the case with the good comes the bad. Here is a link to a local news story about how not only are ticket brokers gobbling up a lot of the handicapped accessible seat tickets, because they have soft seats and offer some of the best viewpoints in the park, but they are selling them outright under inexplicable misrepresentations that you don't actually need to have a disability in order to sit in the accessible seats. Huh? Blatant disability ignorance like this does nothing short of piss me off. I really hope that the Twins organization looks into this and fixes the problem accordingly. Soon. Otherwise, if those sections keep selling out as this article mentions then I might not make it this year after all.

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