Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm not sure how closely that people are following this thing, but regardless I wanted to make brief mention of a few changes I just made. First, I added a picture to my most recent Observations from Camp Randall post. When I went to the Iowa game last weekend (BTW damn I hate losing to Iowa...) I nabbed a shot of that sign by the elevator that in part says 'reserved for patrons with disabilities' that I previously referenced.

Second, I made some changes to my most recent post about my mom putting her plants in my ramp hallway at my parent's house because I decided that it did not turn out the way that I wanted it to originally. Incidentally, this is why my autobiography might never see the light of day because I keep going over stuff I've already written and making sizeable changes. Especially the stuff I wrote pre-law school when my writing was a little bit less sophisticated. Yikes...

Anyway, the whole point of that post was to be a playful departure from the other crappy lack of access issues I've already posted about, as well as those to come, by bringing to light a funny "access" issue at home. My mom's a super special sweet lady and the greatest mom a guy could ever have, she thinks of me and my sister first for everything, especially when it comes to me and issues of my accommodation. Truth be told, the whole annual putting the plants in my ramp hallway thing has become a running joke between me and my parents, so I just wanted to make that crystal clear in case people took my post about her plants and my ramp for anything else. They may be a little poofier and harder to roll around than in the past, but it's no big deal overall. In fact, I am looking forward to seeing if my niece and nephew have their own mini 'Where the Wild Things Are' moments throughout the winter. I can picture the "No buddy, the plants don't need to be watered again" or "No no guys, it's too cold to play in the tunnel" back and forth unfolding already.

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